#be2campstar 3 Alex Albon aka @EarthExchange

I’d like to nominate Alex Albon as the third Be2camp star because to me his work typifies what happens when you take a problem and make it into an opportunity. The problem is construction site waste and the opportunity is to turn it into a commodity. Of course this really starts to work when you use the internet, hence be2camp, where the internet meets the built environment.

Alex’s company Earth Exchange puts people trying to dispose of construction materials in touch with people trying to buy them. The disposer makes huge savings on Landfill Tax payments, Haulage costs, and disposal costs, and the purchaser buys for lower cost, more recycled materials, with less haulage too.

Contractors can be both suppliers, and disposers of different materials. Both parties save money and carbon dioxide emissions, and both can meet their environmental obligations more easily.

The tech behind this work of genius is a secure database and an online map which shows the location of nearby current and future sites, materials wanted and available so the materials can travel the shortest distances. What a simple idea!


Construction site waste is 30% of all UK waste, so its a big problem. 

The best solutions are those where everyone wins. Don't you agree Mr Cameron?

Take a look at Earth Exchange here and follow Alex on twitter at @EarthExchange.

Alex, its over to you.

Last updated by Su Butcher May 14, 2010.

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