#be2campstar 4 - Bob Leung (@bobleung)

Alex Albon (@earthexchange) is nominating Bob Leung as the fourth Be2Campstar. Here's why, in Alex's words:

I met Bob at the second Be2Camp event (Be2CampNorth) where he introduced his superb online collaboration web system Woobius.

Bob is an architect and a Partner in the London-based practice Make Limited. He, together with some other colleagues, set out to develop a system which cuts out the inherent problems associated with ‘wasted effort’ and inevitable mistakes when designing buildings and other developments.

The problem it seems is, (or was?), email – which is clumsy, clunky, difficult to audit and, well, not fit for purpose when trying to communicate with umpteen (or more) individuals and organisations, their contractors and their subcontractors.

What Woobius allows is ‘bottom up collaboration’ through a secure web portal which is all traceable and auditable – enabling new information to get to those who need it.

A new tool -  Woobius Eye is what also gets my nod. It’s a ‘Visual Chat’ application, the uses for which are… well… just about endless. Very, very clever.

Well done Bob!

Alex Albon (@earthexchange)

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