From Bob Leung:
I'd like to nominate Michael Kohn as the fifth Be2Camp star for bringing us the incredibly popular Collaboration Cafe in London's Building Centre.

The Collaboration Cafe was setup in March as part of the StickyWorld project that Michael and his team has been working on. The 'Cafe' was intended to promote collaboration between building professionals by providing a free, internet-enabled meeting place within London.

It took only two simple, yet clever intervention to convert the existing Building Centre cafe into the "Collaboration Cafe":

1) Free Wifi, and
2) Larger tables.

The place has been heavily used for exactly this purpose since its introduction. I, for one, have been a frequent visitor and have met fellow be2campers there such as Paul Wilkinson and Simon Johns!

As I understand it, the 'Cafe' was so well received that the Building Centre decided to keep it going. So a big thank you to Michael for bringing our profession this fantastic space.

For those of you who don't already know, Michael is the founder of Slider Studio and creator of the amazing StickyWorld. Since both his company and mine (Woobius) are collaboration software providers, we are exploring ideas that hopefully, in the no-too-distance future, we can fulfil the promise of "collaboration software collaborating".

Michael, over to you!

Last updated by Martin Brown Jun 4, 2010.

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